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Aromatic Innovation at Coventry Court

Christina Mellough's DORiTO Capstone Project Enhances Elderly Care

By Dennis Baloy, OTD, OTR/L, Therapy Resource PacCoast

Christina Mellough, OTR/L, and Assistant Director of Rehabilitation at Coventry Court in Anaheim, CA, has spearheaded an innovative project that combines the therapeutic benefits of essential oils with the Abilities Care Dementia Program, catering specifically to the elderly population.

Mellough's DORITO Capstone Project focuses on integrating essential oils into the daily routines of long-term residents. The primary objective is to stimulate the olfactory nerve through inhalation, establishing a direct link to the brain's limbic system. This area is pivotal, significantly influencing emotions, mood, behaviors, and memory.

The key benefits of this groundbreaking approach are tailored to enhance the well-being of Coventry Court's long-term residents. Inhaling essential oils has proved to have a profound impact on individuals’ emotional and cognitive aspects. The limbic system's activation through aromatherapy may improve mood regulation, reduce stress levels, and enhance memory functions.

This combination of essential oils with the Abilities Care Dementia Program aligns with Coventry Court's commitment to providing holistic and personalized care for its elderly population. Mellough's project stands as a testament to the continuous pursuit of passion for learning in occupational therapy, showcasing a dedication to the overall health and happiness of the residents at Coventry Court.

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