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Just Graduated our First New TEACHAs Since Pre Pandemic.Woo Hoo! Let’s start a movement!

What is TEACHA? TEACHA is TEAM EXPERT ABILITIES CARE HOLISTIC APPROACH. This is an educational opportunity for therapists, other IDT members, Resources and Therapy Leaders to have an opportunity to be an expert in Dementia care through Abilities Care programming. These experts can then help support training needs, clinical problem solving and, most importantly, provide the very best evidence-based care to patients with Dementia.

By Julia Schmutz, Flagstone Therapy Resource – Northern CA

I just wanted to share what a phenomenal experience the TEACHA class was. We were all students and all learners. It really was a leadership think tank on clinical program development and roll-out.

I was challenged and inspired by the amazing people in the group. It reminded me that we have the most talented, passionate, skilled people in the industry working for us. Their professional drive, clinical expertise and service-oriented leadership has already touched so many lives and dignified long term care, and I know it will continue to do so.

The next step will be exciting to see as they go out into the field and share their knowledge and passion not only with their patients but with their teams, IDT, sister facilities, clusters and markets.

This was a Flagship experience; building a community of therapy leaders to lead a therapy movement. I am grateful for you all and the work that you do and am fired up to find all the other gems hidden in the ranks of this wonderful organization.

(Top left photo is our California TEACHAs, top right photo is our Texas TEACHAs, and bottom photo is our Utah TEACHAs!)

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