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Moment of Truth

By Aimee Bhatia, NCI Therapy Resource, California

Lindy Spore, COTA at Villa Maria Post Acute in Santa Maria California, is the epitome of what OT is all about. She has energy that is uplifting, contagious, and refreshing. She is extremely dedicated to her residents, and frequently goes above and beyond for them to ensure their worries are put at ease. Most recently her DOR found out that she was going to one of the homes of a resident after work to water and take care of her plants because the resident was really worried that her plants that she cherished so much would die while she was at the facility. She did this because she wanted to. She wanted to remove stress so her resident could focus on getting stronger in order to make it home. It’s these small acts of kindness done without the desire for attention that truly make a difference and dignify the care we provide.

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