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Strength in Students at Draper Rehab

By Sarah Scott, DOR, Draper Rehabilitation and Care, Draper, UT

Student clinicians bring energy, excitement, new clinical practices, and a passion for learning and growth. While it is true that they require an investment of time, there are so many immediate and delayed benefits. With an influx of students comes a new crew of prospective employees. When they are hired, they are already familiar with the documentation systems, staff, and facility and transition quickly to full productivity and performance. Many programs require the students to prepare evidence-based training or in-service training that will be relevant to the needs of the placement.

Two recent COTA students from Joyce University, Lexi Roundy and Laura Malcolm, were assigned to complete a project and asked what needs we had and how they could meet them. The OT department needed a board that would support fine motor skills with tasks and movements that were functional and relatable. They wanted items people would encounter in their daily routines. The OT department did a brainstorming session with the students, and the students went to work.

A month after their placement ended, they returned to present the department with the results of their labors. The board includes zippers, clasps, switches, ties, rubber bands, bottle lids, locks, knobs, levers, buttons, clock hands, pill containers, shapes, and combinations. There was a lot of thought and time invested in creating this tool we now have for use at Draper Rehab. Lexi and Laura were so excited to present this resource to us, knowing it will benefit so many to recover or maintain function.

If you do not have a robust student program in your facility, we highly recommend it!

Pictured: Kaitlyn Kunzler, COTA & supervisor; Laura Malcolm, COTA student; Alexandra Howard, OT & Supervisor; and Lexi Roundy, COTA student

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