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The OutPOST: Empowering Lives Through Our Parkinson’s Support Group

Submitted by Chelsey Dinkel, Outpatient Coordinator, Rock Creek of Ottawa, KS

Rock Creek of Ottawa hosts a monthly Parkinson's Support Group for the immediate community and surrounding areas. There are anywhere between 20 to 25 individuals who attend each month, and the numbers continue to grow. These individuals are either caregivers, individuals with a formal Parkinson's diagnosis, or individuals wanting to learn more about Parkinson's disease.

Chelsey Dinkel, Outpatient Coordinator, and Courtney Taylor, Community Liaison, coordinate a lunch and education session every month for those who attend. This is an opportunity to share resources and education with attendees about Parkinson's disease, how Rock Creek of Ottawa Outpatient Therapy can help, and the different therapy programs available.

This support group continues to reach new individuals and offers a great support system for those affected by Parkinson's. It also serves as an excellent resource to share with the community, including doctor's offices, independent living facilities, assisted living facilities, churches, and more. Rock Creek of Ottawa is honored to be able to host such a meaningful and supportive group for those affected by such a serious disease process.

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