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Highlighting Our Outpatient Programs

Submitted by Cara Koepsel, M.S. CCC-SLP, CTO, Keystone Therapy Resource – North Texas

This story was written and shared with me by our DOR and OTR, Stephanie Wentworth, at The Healthcare Resort of Plano in Keystone North:

“I wanted to share a success story specific to our outpatient pelvic floor rehab program. This story is taken from a letter written by the patient about her therapist and her experience with the training!

The patient was initially an inpatient at our facility after a back procedure last January. After her short inpatient stay where she regained her functional independence, she came back for outpatient PT and OT. One of her therapists is an OT assistant who recently completed a pelvic floor rehab course provided by Ensign in order to equip our therapists and grow this very necessary outpatient program.

She writes, I am deeply grateful for the expertise shown to me by my OT who specializes in incontinence training. When I began the program, I was experiencing significant urological incontinence. Upon learning of my therapist’s certification/completion of incontinence training and pelvic floor rehab, she began working with me in this regard. She provided me with a form to log my episodes. In a short time, she developed a plan of care for me and diligently monitored the results of this training. She brought an awareness to me of what key identifiers I might note and then adjusted the training for maximum effect. I continued to log my experiences and gradually the overall pelvic and bladder training she brought to me came to fruition. The full effects of her training took approximately 6-8 weeks, and today I still maintain the effects and benefits of her professional care and appreciate the progress I have made with her guiding me along this journey of incontinence. To date I remain under her OT care.

This success story really highlights the improvement in the patient’s quality of life and the benefits of pelvic floor rehab for an issue that is often not discussed or shared. Pelvic floor rehab is one of our many outpatient programs that we provide and we have several therapists who were trained in the course. What an amazing letter from a patient to show the value of our CEU courses and LTC/OP programming in Keystone!"

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