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New TPM at Paramount Health and Rehab

Submitted by Lisa Brook, Milestone Therapy Resource, Utah

Milestone and Paramount Health and Rehabilitation are excited to welcome Gia Deeb, COTA, as the new TPM at Paramount. When the position opened due to Kyle Fairchild, OTR, transitioning to DOR at St. Joseph Villa, it was clear that the IDT leadership team was eager for Gia to step into the TPM role.

Gia graduated in 2019 as a COTA and was hired at Paramount just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. She quickly assimilated into the team and excelled in her ability to work with any resident, taking on challenging residents with enthusiasm. She developed as a leader, participated in the DORITO program, and became the ADOR in 2022. She is passionate about helping her team grow professionally and clinically, allowing them to explore their passions as therapists. She is eager to begin the Abilities Care program at Paramount Rehab because she knows it will improve residents’ quality of life.

Zach Wood, ED, is thankful for Gia’s ability to win the trust of the therapy and IDT team during the transition to a new therapy leader. Kay Jesena, DON, is grateful that Gia is committed to the Therapy/Nursing collaboration established at Paramount. She can provide education to the Nursing staff for fall prevention, change in condition, and positioning. She is an advocate for the residents and can work with challenging residents. She asks appropriate questions and is open to suggestions from the IDT.

Gia was born and raised in Utah and moved to the Salt Lake area 13 years ago. She is married to Erik, and they have a blended family of three children. She enjoys hiking, gardening, traveling, snorkeling, playing tennis with her son, and cooking. Gia also uses reading and exercise to help her achieve daily work/life balance. Welcome, Gia!

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