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The CAPLICO Experience and Transition from North American

By Dennis Baloy, Therapy Resource – Flagstone South, CA

First, I would like to give thanks to all the amazing leadership, support, and guidance through the transition from North American to Ensign-affiliate Coventry Court in Anaheim, California. The Rehab department has been impacted the most in the cultural influence of CAPLICO. We appreciated the EEF and initially signed up 100% because we believe in caring for one another through financial assistance. We also experienced the cluster’s model of caring as one of our staff had a loss in the family, and the DOR cluster signed up to buy meals for her family while they were going through the grieving process.

While we shared in the pain, we also celebrated with OT month and Speech month with activities in the facility. We celebrated birthdays and our students who are interning at our facility. The students' feedback was a great appreciation of our care and teamwork as we included them in our celebration, as they also shared that their classmates were not treated as well.

Ownership is one of our greatest pursuits as we build up our programs for our residents with SMP, wheelchair fitting for custom wheelchairs, UltraMist for wound care, and recently added Abilities Care Program for our residents with dementia and cognitive impairments. We could not have done this without the help of our cluster partners in providing extra staff to help build up our caseload. It allows us time to hire four full-time staff, including two PTAs, one COTA, and one SLP.

We took an intelligent risk in purchasing the UltraMist for our one patient who needed the treatment for improving quality of life. We will expand our wound care program to possible hospice and outpatient patients as we apply for outpatient licensing.

We demonstrated our passion for learning as we participated in most of the CEUs provided and went out together for dining and learning at Tardive dyskinesia seminar. We also explore and study the effect of essential oils on our patients through the Abilities Care program under the initiation of our OTR, Christina Mellough, who also joined the DORITO program to expand her leadership potential.

We are truly grateful for the leadership training, especially the vision and challenge to grow our industry so that we can change the view of the world regarding skilled nursing through moments of truth. We hope to continue to share our story to encourage new acquisitions to pursue the same vision and culture of CAPLICO.

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