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Legend Greenville's Colorful Approach to Staff Well-Being

Updated: May 1

By Jon Anderson, PT, Senior Therapy Resource

Imagine a workplace where staff can take a break, de-stress, and bond with colleagues over a giant coloring board. That's the heartwarming reality at Legend Greenville in Greenville, Texas, where their "Greenville is Brightening Up Your Rainy Day!" initiative is a shining example of putting staff mental health first. This simple activity has become a beloved tradition, reminding us that even small gestures can make a big difference.

But Legend Greenville isn't the only one looking out for its heroes. Many nursing home staff face demanding schedules and emotional situations that can lead to stress, burnout, and anxiety. So, how can other facilities create a supportive environment that prioritizes staff well-being?

Here are some ideas inspired by Legend Greenville's colorful approach:

Stress Busters Beyond the Board: While coloring is a great option, other stress-reduction activities can be equally effective. Think mindfulness exercises, meditation sessions, or even on-site yoga classes. Equipping staff with tools to manage stress allows them to recharge and return to their duties feeling refreshed.

Building a Support System: Combatting feelings of isolation is key. Facilities can foster a sense of community by creating opportunities for staff to connect and build friendships. Team lunches, potlucks, or recognition programs (think special programs like Master Clinician) can boost morale and make staff feel valued

Work-Life Balance is Essential: Taking breaks and maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial for anyone's well-being. Encourage staff to utilize their breaks, and enforce reasonable schedules, along with taking vacation time. This approach allows staff time for personal needs and hobbies, preventing burnout.

Offering a Helping Hand: Sometimes, additional support is needed. Our Ensign Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) provide confidential counseling or mental health resources that can be a lifeline for staff facing personal challenges.

By implementing these “Customer Second” strategies, all of our affiliates can follow Legend Greenville's lead and create a work environment that prioritizes both resident care and staff well-being. After all, happy and healthy staff are better equipped to provide the compassionate care our loved ones deserve.

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