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1, 2, 3, Say Cheese!

By Ean Tolentino DOR, OTR/L, Sea Cliff Healthcare, Huntington Beach, CA

We’d like to spotlight one of our passionate OT assistants here at Sea Cliff Healthcare Center, Mark Alamares, COTA. Since starting at Sea Cliff in June 2019, Mark has continued to excel and lead our group/concurrent treatment sessions here at Sea Cliff, pursuing his passions while uplifting our residents’ spirits and assisting with their therapeutic needs!

Most recently, Mark tapped into his passion for photography to inspire both employees and residents in getting ready for “picture day” — updating our hallways and offices with up-to-date photos of the current staff and offering professional photos for residents.

With Mark, it all starts with ADLs. From hygiene and grooming to facilitating independence in styling their hair for picture day, Mark helps residents to find meaning and purpose in getting dressed and ready for therapy.

Mark continues to be Sea Cliff’s go-to for all our staff photo needs. He most recently was the professional photographer for the daughter of one of our own Pacific Coast DORs, capturing every moment and posing his subjects in the most heartfelt angles.

We thank you, Mark, as you continue to be the reason many of our residents wish to be dressed and ready for therapy every day!

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