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Feeding the Soul through Music is an AI-powered music-based intervention that uses a patient’s

physiological responses to determine a soundtrack that will best facilitate a state of neurological coherence for those suffering from dementia. We will soon have pilot facilities in Texas, Colorado, and California to provide this unique intervention to improve patients’ quality of life. We intuitively know that music can change how we feel, how we interact with one another, and how we experience joy. Our patients with dementia are often unable to express what songs enhance their mood, and now with the help of technology we can help find the sweet spot for success.

Submitted by Tamala Sammons, MA, CCC-SLP, Sr. Therapy Resource

Have you ever felt nostalgic while listening to music? Musical nostalgia can cast your consciousness back to your childhood or really, any time in your life based on how music connects with a memory. I received a cool record (I mean vinyl) player for a birthday gift a few years back. The gift alone opened the flood gates of many memories of listening to music. Little did I know how far back the memories would go. The first albums added to the collection were of current artists. Then my mom gave me a few of her original albums to sort through. What I didn’t expect was how powerful those albums were to elicit so many fun memories. So many positive feelings of happiness and love come from playing the music that she loved and that I heard growing up. Now when we are at our cabin in the mountains, we kick off our mornings listening to Cat Stevens (or other fun artists), enjoying coffee and most importantly, feeding our souls.

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