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Grateful for La Canada

By Shelby Donahoo, Bandera Therapy Resource, Tucson, AZ

The picture is of my daughter Dylan. As some of you know, Dylan has worked at La Canada for two years, first as a part-time employee while an undergrad at the University of Arizona. She started as a rehab tech, and about a year in, she announced that Nursing was her calling — not Therapy (whaaat..?). She got her CNA license. With a B.S. in neuroscience under her belt, she wanted to apply to accelerated RN programs that were very competitive. She said she needed practical, real-life experience.

This picture is Donovan, ED, congratulating Dylan at an all-staff meeting today for spreading her wings. The 16-month accelerated RN program started on September 4. Her last day at La Canada was July 31

La Canada has been so great to my kid. It’s been a wonderful experience with wonderful people who lifted her up — from the kitchen to Therapy to SS to Nursing to Admissions to ED to BO to residents. Dylan learned what it’s like to be part of a team, how to treat people, how to be accountable, work hard, and love the people and patients you serve. To be part of a family. Just now she texted me, “This job has given me more than I ever realized, and I am forever grateful. Definitely will shed some tears Monday.”

I am so very grateful to you, Donovan, Mandy, Annie, and the La Canada team.

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