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It Takes a Village Spotlight: Fernando

By Justin Cruz, COTA, The Hills Post Acute Care Center, Santa Ana, CA

Here at The Hills Post Acute, we apply the age-old phrase “It takes a village” to the provision of healthcare services to our residents. Our multidisciplinary team has one common purpose at The Hills Post Acute: Support and work with each other to provide the best possible care to each individual patient, enhance their quality of life, and have them return home as a better and healthier person.

To achieve that desire, the doctors, nurses, assistants, social workers, and therapists come together for that unified purpose and become a healthcare village. Within the healthcare village, we meet a variety of personalities that manage to surprise and humble us as well as continue to reaffirm our passion in the field and overcome obstacles as they come. Together, the support, feedback, and collaboration we all provide to each other helps us raise the bar and give every resident the best care they deserve.

Today, we would like to put the spotlight on one of the building’s employees who took the “It takes a village” phrase to heart: Fernando. Fernando is a Certified Nursing Assistant as well as a trained Restorative Nurse Assistant who has been with The Hills Post Acute for several years. He is a kind, caring, and passionate individual who loves to see the smiles on the residents’ faces.

Fernando is always willing to help out the other departments, especially Therapy. He regularly collaborates with the Therapy team and often helps out by being an extra hand with transfers when needed or by getting the residents cleaned and ready to go for their sessions. Whenever we have feedback to share, Fernando listens earnestly, takes what was said to heart, and provides us with feedback of his own on what the residents’ concerns are so that everyone can be on the same page in regard to patient care.

We are truly fortunate to have an employee as dedicated and committed to the care and well-being of the residents of The Hills Post Acute as Fernando.

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