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Mystic Park’s 2023 Journey

By Jasmine Bala, OTR/L, DOR, Mystic Park Nursing & Rehabilitation, San Antonio, TX

2023 was a very special year for the Mystic Park Therapy team. A newly acquired building, a very young rehab team, and a first-time DOR. But I had a dream…to build a team from the ground up with CAPLICO in everyone’s DNA. It takes a lot of faith, prayers, and hard work. I never wanted to settle for less than the best — always striving for the right people in the right seat.

From January to December, we reached all the goals we set. We finished strong and passed all our surveys and audits. It takes a lot of CAPLICO! We celebrated our successes and shared the will, both professionally and personally. We started new programs together and attended trainings and seminars. We held each other accountable for our growth. We took risks and were involved in every decision to foster team growth. Everyone focused on the goal, stepping up in a heartbeat every time a need arose. That is ownership at its best!

The help and support that was extended and readily available was overwhelming from all the resources: Lindsay, Andy, Kendra, Tina, Brenda, Staci. The best thing about our culture is there’s always someone who is willing to extend a hand. Every leadership call, DOR, and cluster meeting was another opportunity to get better. Failing is not an option.

Having an ED who believes in you, supports you, and is consistent is my greatest blessing. Osiris creates a sense of belonging and solidarity with the rehab team, and that is so special.

Indeed, CAPLICO is the answer. I remember telling the team during one of our weekly family gatherings that each one of them is an answered prayer. We are family, I mean really a family!

My first rodeo, 2023, was a fruitful year! However, 2024 will be better! CAPLICO is the how to our why! The Mystic Park Rehab Team is breathing and living our core values, and I am the proudest DOR to be able to lead this amazing Team.

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