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Net Health Errors - Tips & Tricks

Updated: May 1

Error — This record (Caseload) cannot be saved because it was modified by someone else while you were making changes.

At times, a therapist may get an error stating that someone else modified the document they are working on. That “someone else” typically is the therapist themselves.

This happens when the computer is moved within the building before saving a document. As a computer is moved through the building, it moves from one Wi-Fi access point to the next Wi-Fi access point, potentially causing a momentary loss of internet. Net Health then sees the current login as a new login for the same user.

To avoid this error, the therapist simply needs to save their work before moving the computer. This step will prevent this error from occurring. It can occur if there is a flicker in the power or power outage at the building also.

Error — Object not Referenced to an Object

This error occurs when dates are not in sync. Check the following dates:

● Beginning and end date of case

● Beginning and end date of site stay

● Is the case on the correct site stay?

● Does the d/c match the end date of the site stay or the end date of the case?

● Is there an end date in projections that is incorrect?

The dates should make sense and should match PCC admit and d/c dates. Correct the dates, and this error will stop popping up.

Error — Error accepting changes for table: TxDocumentItemReview

This error occurs when the case is under the incorrect site stay or a closed site stay.

● Validate that the case is referencing the correct site stay

● Move or request that the case be moved to the correct site stay

Error — Track end date cannot exceed Discharge date

This error typically happens when a patient leaves and returns to the facility and the business office makes some census changes in PCC that trigger a new site stay in Net Health.

● Verify stay and case date range in relation to billing within the track

● Look at PCC census line to compare to site stays in Net Health

● Edit the Patient Record to match PCC

These are all common errors that can be avoided with careful observance of the dates on a specific patient stay, case, and track. Keeping communication open with IDT during patient leave of absence or hospital readmissions is vital to helping avoid these errors. Ensuring cases are closed shortly after a patient discharge can help avoid therapists making the mistake of starting a track in an old case.

If these errors are encountered and it’s difficult to determine the root cause, the Net Health Resource team is here to help! A detailed version of this document with examples can be found on the Ensign Portal, or follow the link below:

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