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#OneClinical Skin and Wound Systems

Submitted by Rachel Krieger, CML, Brooke Stanley, Therapy Resource; and Kendra Winters, Therapy Resource, Pennant, ID/NV

As an organization, we’ve seen many examples of Nursing and Therapy collaboration. In Summit, we wanted to share a next-level combined effort around improving skin and wound care systems through OneClinical programming. To understand both the Nursing and Therapy perspectives related to this clinical system, we are strategically partnering to drive the very best results. In Pennant Idaho/Nevada, there is a full-court press around having successful systems with skin and wounds. This focus was driven by data using our internal tools, such as the Quick 6 and CCA results.

This initiative meant going back to the basics. In Therapy, this meant identifying which facilities had therapists skilled in and/or wanting to be more involved in wound care. We invited our internal experts for a debridement workshop. Then we brought everyone together for an IDT-focused, full-day workshop addressing all things skin-related. We invited vendor partners, reviewed MDS changes, discussed infection control, emphasized the importance of nutrition, and reviewed compliance and legal issues. Therapy shared how they “can help with that” by discussing prevention, support surfaces, contractures, urinary incontinence, and wound care. There was also a great collaborative discussion about what it would look like with Nursing and Therapy partnering with all things skin!

We are now in the implementation phase and coordinating clinical and therapy resource site visits to help teams further develop success with their established goals from the workshops. Huge shout-out to all of the Summit and Pennant ID/NV resources who helped make these workshops happen and to the facilities that attended to ensure systems for skin and wounds are solid!

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