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Sharing the CAPLICO Experience from Lomita Post Acute Care

By Dennis Baloy, Therapy Resource – Flagstone South, CA

It was an honor for Kim Marques, DOR, to present on behalf of Lomita Post Acute Care during the Pacific Coast & Momentum Resource monthly phone meeting. The topic of the presentation was how the rehab team and facility have joined in and felt the “CAPLICO Experience” since their acquisition on February 1, 2023. A shortened version of the presentation is included below.

“It’s amazing how quickly time has gone by since our acquisition, and it has been great to reflect on the many new programs, initiatives, and accomplishments that we’ve had since the transition.. I’d like to highlight a few of my core experiences, starting with the day of our acquisition. And it wasn’t like any first workday I’ve ever had. It began at exactly the stroke of midnight, and I could not believe the outpour of staff from our market cluster, including Resources, EDs, DONs, therapists, and nurses who came to show genuine support and excitement for our acquisition. What was anticipated as a scary and stressful situation became a bonding experience and a feeling of community. Even though there was lots of work ahead, I knew that I would be supported, and this made the transition so much easier and I never felt lost or alone.

“What I really have enjoyed after our acquisition has been our monthly and quarterly DOR meetings. To be able to meet with all the DORs and Resources is, again, having a support system and an opportunity to learn from others. My favorite part of these meetings has been starting each with a culture-building topic, which always inspires me and reignites my motivation. I had the pleasure of leading the culture piece at one of the meetings, which made me feel like an active participant and was a great opportunity to connect with my fellow DORs.

“Next, I’d like to touch upon the amazing experiences I’ve had thus far, which have really made my role as a DOR stretch beyond just my day-to-day responsibilities within the building. These experiences have helped to build camaraderie with my Lomita team as well as with many other facilities. The annual basketball tournament was such a fun way to bond and meet others with a healthy dose of competition and fun. Our rehab team has also embraced the Celebration ‘C’ of CAPLICO and have planned several lunches and outings, including a night at Dave and Buster’s, which our ED was able to join as well. Overall, these experiences have made our team closer and stronger.

“But the most memorable experience thus far for me was definitely the annual conference in Huntington Beach. This was unlike anything I’ve participated in while working in a rehab setting. What an amazing event that really exemplified all aspects of CAPLICO and what it takes to go above and beyond as a DOR. I learned that there are so many possibilities & programs that can be envisioned and implemented, which continue to push the creative boundaries of our therapy teams.

“And this leads me to my ultimate realization of what has happened to me and hopefully others since our acquisition. I have transformed as a leader and a teammate. With all of the experiences I’ve had thus far, my passion has been re-ignited, and I’m excited about the possibilities and programs that we have coming our way. I am proud to be a part of this amazing family, and I look forward to future opportunities and experiences which will foster growth and continued passion. Thank you again for having me share a few highlights of just the beginning of this new chapter for me and my team. And thank you all for your support these past eight months, which have truly been life and career changing.”

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