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Intelligent Risk Taking and Ownership at its Best!

By April Trammel, DOR, CTO, Beacon Harbor, Rockwall, TX

Seven therapists from Beacon Harbor participated in our Pelvic Floor Strengthening Course this past weekend. They are all so motivated and are already implementing these exercises and strategies into their treatment sessions! We can’t wait to see the reflection on our Quality Measures!

Thank you for this opportunity that you provide for us!

"Love Love this! Beacon Harbor jumping right into this today! We had 60 therapists attend this 2-day, 12.5-hour training in DFW. Let’s not sit on this new knowledge. Please share your WINS on how your team is getting a Pelvic Floor Strengthening/Incontinence Therapy Program off the ground with all of us! Let’s get the flywheel rolling! " Jon Anderson, DPT, Senior Therapy Resource

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