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The OutPOST: The Power of Group — An Outpatient Story

Submitted by The Team at Hurricane Health & Rehab, Hurricane, UT

At Hurricane Health & Rehab, our patients love group therapy. Every morning from 11 a.m. to12 p.m., we have a variety of different group activities for residents to enjoy. Each patient is assessed for an appropriate group, and if appropriate, will participate in skilled group therapy such as balloon volleyball, tai chi, bowling league, Olympic games, making smoothies, and trivia.

Back in 2022, we had three skilled residents who regularly attended the same group therapy and formed a unique friendship. These three residents had so much fun together that it was always a party during that hour, with friendly banter and encouragement from one another. As their health improved, all three were successfully discharged home. All three patients were appropriate for outpatient services, and the therapists made a special effort to schedule their therapy services on the same day so that they could see each other. Our therapists understand the importance of the social interactions to encourage recovery.

Fast forward to today. One year later they are all three again receiving outpatient services after receiving physician orders for therapy, and choosing Hurricane to receive outpatient physical therapy.. Seeing them joyfully interacting again is a powerful reminder that with every interaction, we can make an impact and change lives. We enjoy seeing our previous inpatients safe and happy at home, and if therapy services are needed, we welcome them back for outpatient therapy to keep them healthy and thriving in the community.

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