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Thinking Thin at Opus Post Acute Rehab! Columbia SC

By Sharon Merritt TPM, Palmetto Therapy Cluster Leader, Monument Market

The amazing SLPs and staff at Opus Post Acute launched a facility-wide Think Thin Hydration Program in June, and it’s been a huge hit! In order to promote fluid intake, reduce dehydration, and trial thin liquids for residents who are on thickened liquids, we introduced several fruit-infused water hydration stations throughout our facility. The flavors include lemon, orange, cucumber, and strawberry.

Residents, staff, and family members are super excited and love the flavored water option instead of plain water. The hydration stations are available throughout the day, and at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., we play a special jingle over our intercom system to encourage staff to offer water to at least four residents and challenge many staff to improve their own H2O intake! My SLPs have also been able to trial thin liquids in order to assess for possible upgrades.

Since this program launched, we have had so many positive results and experiences! We’ve had a reduction in UA orders, increased oral intake at non-mealtimes, and an overwhelming amount of engagement from staff and family members promoting hydration. Our Think Thin Hydration Program has been well-received by the residents, staff, and family members, and the Therapy department is over the moon!

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