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Tucson Resource Facility Improvement Project

Updated: May 1

Submitted by Shelby Donahoo, Bandera Therapy Resource, Tucson, AZ, and Lisa Leveque, PACC Resource

Back in November, Justin and I walked the property of La Cañada (Tucson) with Donovan Pla, looking at the opportunities for the Resources to share some love and make some improvements. Due to the facility working on some major “formal” improvement projects this year, we chose to share our love outside to help improve the curb appeal. It was an honor to work alongside Justin, Donovan, and all the Tucson Resources, including David Farrington (West Market) and Eric Eller (East Market), and I wanted to share this special day with you.

On Friday, March 22, 2024, we came together and accomplished clearing and cleaning up a large section of the front part of the property of weeds and overgrowth so that their beautiful desert landscape could start fresh. We also were able to repaint the red curbing along the front of the facility. Thank you, Shelby and Taylor, for owning this part of the project and Tracy, for keeping them safe. 😊Below are some pictures before, during, and after our day of working together in the sun.

A special thank-you to the Resources who were able to support the project: Danny (Mtc.), David (West Const), Ellen (Managed Care), Eric (East LS and Mtc.), Justin (East and Tucson Const), Kathy (Clinical), Melodie (Clinical), Nicole (HR), Sheila (Clinical ML), Shelby (Therapy), Taylor (Clinical), Tracy (Clinical), & Me. And a special mention to Stacy Stokes (ADON) and Donovan (ED) for also helping us.

I loved everything about this day, but most of all, working alongside my partners to achieve something impactful for the La Cañada employees, partners, and the patients/residents and their loved ones. We had so many residents watching from the lobby and giving us praise during the day. This all makes my heart so happy and is another reminder of why I spend my days with this incredible Bandera team!

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